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From the Editor

It's been a big few weeks. First of all I went to the UK for a flying visit in September - a whirlwind 10 days with my favourite cousins that managed to include a trip to the gorgeous Lake District, as well as lots of galleries and exhibitions in London and a night away in Brighton. Highlight of the exhibitions was the Chihuly display at Kew Gardens. Chihuly is an American artist working in glass and his works looked quite amazing in the garden setting. Yep, those flowers at left are all made from glass!

When I got home I had a couple of weeks to pack before I moved house. I spent the first week thinking about packing... did a few half hearted boxes... and then packed the rest of the house in one mad week at the same time as painting the interior of the new house. The move itself went quite smoothly, but then we had endless tradies doing bits and pieces in the new house and we couldn't actually unpack very much before the deadlines arrived for the 2020 Calendar and this magazine.

Before the move we'd arranged the installation of the NBN, Foxtel and the phone with Telstra, and of course it all went off without a hitch and completely according to plan... except for the part where the NBN guys said they couldn't connect the modem because it was with Telstra, and then the Telstra man said he couldn't connect it because it was with NBN, and then NBN said well, Telstra can connect the modem but you will need to book us for a separate visit to actually move it, and then Telstra said, actually we can't connect your phone because nobody has allocated a number even though the line is in, and for some reason our call forward feature with Telstra got cut off after a week and everyone who called us in that time got a message saying the phone had been disconnected... And just when we were on the home stretch to get everything to the printer dead on time, there was a catastrophic fire warning for the whole of Coffs Harbour and I spent a day evacuating animals and getting the new property ready for the approaching fire. We were so, so lucky that in the end, the fire didn't come our way; but our thoughts are with those people who not only lost their homes and all their possessions, but those who lost loved ones. Even as I write this evening, there are still fires threatening large areas of New South Wales and Queensland - some of the people in the path of the fire have already been evacuated three and four times. I'm incredibly grateful for everyone who escaped unscathed.

So if this magazine arrives in your letterbox a few days late, we ask you not to be annoyed, but to be thankful you still have a letterbox. Here's hoping for some drenching rain, and a cool and fire-free summer.

Julie Carter
Editor, Antiques and Collectables for Pleasure & Profit