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From the Editor

Well it's definitely been busy in the antiques world since we produced the Summer issue back in December. The 10-part Clash of the Collectables series finally aired on Gem, with Eric Knowles emerging victorious (although it has to be said that he won due to the sale of the very last item, which had been chosen by Alan Carter... but we're not splitting hairs!). The people at Gem were very happy with the consistently excellent ratings for the show, so fingers crossed for a rematch.

Not such happy news from Adelaide, with the imminent closure of the Grote Street Antique Centre. It's been an institution for more than 30 years and to say we're sorry it's closing would be an understatement. Owner Dean Donovan is looking forward to a long and happy retirement but before he goes he's having a massive sale, so if you're after a bargain get down there before the end of June.

Faye from B'Zarte in Jindivick is also having a big sale and unreserved auction of the contents of her gorgeous little shop, which she's closing due to family circumstances. She'll be keeping her hand in with some trading from a couple of stalls, but in the meantime if you're in Victoria at the end of April, the auction will be well worth a visit... did we mention it's unreserved?

News of all these closures might lead you to think it's all doom and gloom in the antiques trade, but that would be so wrong... because for the first time in a long time, we've got so many antiques fairs to list in the next four months that we've had to present them over a double page. I haven't done an official count but I think there are more than 80 fairs and auctions coming up between now and the end of June, which points to a pretty healthy market. You might notice on the Fairs and Events pages, we've brought back Bargain Hunter due to popular demand! We've given it a different look, both to make it easier to compile and also so it's easier for you to see how much money you're saving.

We were also planning to introduce a new Mystery Objects section in this issue, but we had so much editorial to squash into the Autumn pages that some things had to be held over for the Winter issue... including What's Hot & What's Not, which finally got shelved at the eleventh hour because we had so many items to fit into Parapheranalia. I say the eleventh hour but it's actually 1.17am when I'm writing this column, which is the very last page to be uploaded to the printer as soon as I finish it. So it's been a long haul but it's been worth it - I think we've come up with another great magazine and we hope you really enjoy reading it!

Julie Carter
Editor, Antiques and Collectables for Pleasure & Profit