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From the Editor

We're not supposed to tell you this, but we had a sneak preview of one of the episodes of the upcoming Clash of the Collectables series. It was all very hush hush - dad (Alan Carter, one of the hosts of the show along with Antiques Roadshow expert Eric Knowles) had a link that we had to watch within 24 hours before it expired and the link was protected so we couldn't send it to anyone else. The episode we saw was number six, so pretty much in the middle of the series, and it was brilliant!

I don't know what I was expecting, but I definitely didn't think the show would be anywhere near as entertaining as it was, and the filming and editing were outstanding. At the time Alan and Eric were shooting that particular episode, the east coast of Australia was in the grip of a heatwave and temperatures were nudging 40 degrees every day. They - and the camera crew - were fronting up to antique shops and centres with no air-conditioning (and Eric had come straight from an English winter!) and they must have been close to melting, but you'd never know it from watching the show. According to the production company, the Clash of the Collectables series will begin airing in early September, but such are the weird and wonderful ways of television we don't have an actual start date to give you although it will definitely be aired on Gem. It might be a good idea to keep an eye on our Facebook page, as we'll announce it there as soon as we know.

In other news... when we were producing the new Carter Sisters Handbook & Price Guide, Christine and I had a chat one day about the idea of maybe publishing another book, only this one would be for people who want to collect but don't have a heap of money to spend. We liked the idea so much, we're actually publishing it! It's called Collecting on a Shoestring and all of the 1600 or so items in it are priced at $200 or under. What really appealed to us was that you could pick up a 208-page book and if you had $200 spare, you'd know you could buy absolutely anything pictured in that book! We've sorted everything into price sections, so if you only have $50 to spend you can look in the $50 and under section, for example. It's at the printers right now and will be available from December 1. And of course we've got a special pre-sale offer for our readers, so if you want to start by saving $5 right now, go to page 85 and order your copy of Collecting on a Shoestring.

I've run out of room to tell you all about the great features we've got in this issue of the magazine, so I guess you'll simply have to turn the page and read them for yourself.

I hope it fills you with all the joys of spring - and if you feel compelled to put pen to paper (or send an email) check out page 98 - if you're the author of the Star Letter you'll win a Carter Sisters Handbook & Price Guide!

Until next time,

Julie Carter
Editor, Antiques and Collectables for Pleasure & Profit