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From the Editor

Every now and then we do a mass mailout to our subscribers - sometimes for a special offer, sometimes to ask them their thoughts and opinions - and whenever we do, we're reminded of just how nice our readers are! From lovely notes added on to subscription renewals to cheerful chats on the phone, we'd like to say a giant 'thank you' to everyone for being so absolutely lovely to deal with.

Some of our readers take things just that bit further. Take Randall B., for example. Each year when he renews his subscription, he includes a 'Joke of the Day' cut out from the newspaper. This year he outdid himself and sent in five, but we think this one is the best: A talking sheepdog gets all the sheep in the pen and reports back to the farmer: "All 40 accounted for." The farmer looks surprised. "But I only have 38 sheep." The sheepdog looks at him. "I know," he says, "but I rounded them up."

Then there was the conversation I had with David F. about toast racks. He was renewing his subscription and we had a quick chat about his collection. He told me, "If I tell you what I collect, you probably won't know what it is." Curious, I waited... and he said he collected toast racks. Now, I didn't think they were all that mysterious; I very rarely eat toast so I haven't actually needed a toast rack, but I know what they are. Surprisingly, David said that when he mentions to people he collects toast racks, the vast majority have no idea what he's talking about. We agreed that it's a little bit of breakfast refinement that's been lost, along with the knife reserved specifically for butter and starting the day with a warm beer - something the Victorians quite enjoyed. Actually, speaking of Queen Victoria, it's said that she was able to tuck away a full seven course dinner in under half an hour, which is quite an astonishing feat. This would be particularly upsetting if you were a guest at a royal dinner, because the Queen was always served first and all the plates were cleared once she was finished, presumably leaving quite a lot of hungry people at the table.

But on to other things. We told you last issue about a new antiques-related TV show called Road to Riches, which is currently in production. Well, if you're in Adelaide you might get the chance to feature in another new TV series, called Antiques Down Under. Filming for the production will include items valued at Collectacon, a new collectables festival being held in the Norwood Concert Hall on April 27 and 28. Maybe you've got something you found in the back of a cupboard or in the garage, or there's a family heirloom you want to know more about. Take it along to Collectacon and the team from Small & Whitfield Auctions will value it for you... and you may well be selected for filming by the on site production company! We're not sure when the show is expected to go to air but we'll keep you posted.

And finally, our biggest news this issue is that we've already started work on a brand new Carter Sisters Handbook & Price Guide. We must be stark raving mad! It will be released in April 2020 and we'll keep you informed of its progress (if it doesn't send us round the bend). Meanwhile, I hope you really enjoy this issue of the magazine and thank you again for making our business so pleasant.

Julie Carter
Editor, Antiques and Collectables for Pleasure & Profit