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The Editor's Article

From the Editor

In the last month or so we've said farewell to two of the best antique dealers the trade has ever seen. Noeleen MacPherson, who along with her late husband Malcolm ran Beecroft Treasure House in Sydney, passed away on July 18; and Australiana specialist Marvin Hurnall passed away on August 8. Both will be greatly missed by the trade and our thoughts are with their families and friends. We'll probably never see the likes of either of them again - they were both quite unique.

On a brighter note, it seems Australia has become the destination of choice for some of the UK's most prestigious companies this year. We've only just farewelled the Michael Doulton tour and we're looking at welcoming Elliot Hall from Elliot Hall enamels for his whirlwind trip in November. Elliot is celebrating 25 years in the business and his 2014 tour will see the release of a special 25 Year Anniversary range of limited edition enamels. And word is that the esteemed Eric Knowles will be also be down under early next year, as part of a special Moorcroft promotion - we'll keep you informed.

In fact it's our quest to keep you, our readers, as informed and entertained as possible and that's why we've just introduced a new weekly email newsletter. If you haven't seen one yet, there's an example left - we're pretty pleased with them! In August we sent out a special offer to subscribers, whereby we listed a range of collectors as suggested in the book The Canny Collector (see page 44 of the Spring issue for an excerpt). We asked readers to reply to us with which collector category they fitted into, and five readers would win a free copy of the 2014 Collectioneers annual. Well, we gave you a few categories of collector - and then you added some of your own! The five subscribers who are lucky winners of the new Collectioneers book were: Russell Anderson, who says he is a 'look under every stone' collector. Elizabeth Brown, who is a collection collector. Alison Lipshut, who is a cabinet collector. Helmut Zechner, who says, 'I consider myself a collector of the unusual, elegant and beautifully made. It matters not whether it is a clay sculpture or porcelain or even a metal or wooden item, it will never be just a dust catcher in my home.' And Sue Waterson, who says she is a collector 'who repeatedly tells her husband, you don't know what you need until you see it.' If you'd like to receive the weekly email newsletter, simply send an email to: info@acpp.com.au telling us you'd like to be added to the list. Our competitions are exclusive to subscribers, but you don't have to be a subscriber to receive the email newsletter.

Julie Carter.