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From the Editor

It's been nearly five years since I last worked on a Price Guide - that was the final Alan Carter Antiques & Collectables Guide, which came out in 2013. And what I'd forgotten was how much really nice gear there is in Australia.

Don't get me wrong - we see lots of very nice items coming through all the time for each magazine. But when you get to look at the photos of nearly 8000 items all at once, the sheer volume alone is intoxicating!

I've lost count of the number of times I've looked at something purely decorative and thought, Ooh, I'd really like to buy that. Or come across a piece of jewellery and been amazed at how delicate it is. Or looked at a piece of furniture and wondered where in the house I could put it (I've always been a furniture girl). One of the strangest things I've seen is a chair made from cow horns and hide, which surprisingly is a lot more attractive than it sounds. That, and the executioner's axe. You don't see many of them around.

There are things that make you laugh out loud when you first see them (those retro designers really had a sense of humour) and there are items with a value out of reach of most mere mortals.

The oldest piece to come through is millions of years old (it's a fossil) and one of the youngest would probably be one of the vinyl records from the 1980s that are selling up a storm these days. I wish I hadn't let mine warp in the sun now. I bet they would have been collectable.

Sometimes I've looked at an item and wondered, who the hell will ever buy that? But someone out there will think it's exactly what they've been looking for...eventually. My point, though, is that here in Australia we have an absolutely huge range of antiques and collectables to choose from. They might be spread across the country, and you might have to do a bit of sleuthing to find them, but they're out there. They're in the pages of this magazine, they're on websites, Facebook and Instagram, and more than 5500 of them are in the new Carter Sisters Handbook & Price Guide. Come to think of it, you don't actually need to leave home to see what's available in Australia - although a specialised tour of antique shops in different states might be fun...!

The Price Guide won't be released until early May, so in the meantime I hope you enjoy reading this issue's features. And yes, you might think Star Wars is an odd choice of subject for an antiques and collectables magazine, but some of the earliest toys are selling for more than $30,000. In fact, a new auction record was set in July last year when a French issue of The Empire Strikes Back 30B Boba Fett toy in its factory-fresh packaging sold for $36,000 at Vectis Auctions in the UK. The best part is that the Boba Fett figure was originally available only as a mail order freebie for people who had bought other models. So a free toy is now worth $36,000!

I hope you enjoy the magazine.

Julie Carter
Editor, Antiques and Collectables for Pleasure & Profit