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From the Editor

Some of you might remember about this time last year, we put a notice in the magazine to say we were planning to produce a Price Guide in 2016. We'd decided it was a really good idea, but we knew if we didn't make it public we may never actually get around to doing it.

Well, guess what. We might be a bit late, but Christine and I are smack bang in the middle - right now - of producing a Price Guide! It won't be released until April next year because there's a lot of work to do and we're fitting it in with the magazine production, but on the day I'm writing this I've received a few hundred more entries from Willie the photographer, who's been travelling South Australia and New South Wales taking pics.

We've also got Russell working in Victoria and Craig combing Queensland, with arrangements still to be made for Western Australia and Tassie (if anyone knows of a good photographer in either state, please call us!). All of which means the book is well underway, with more than half the entries in and we're seeing some great gear going through.

Actually, we're adding some of the more interesting stuff onto our Price Guide Facebook page. If you want a sneak preview, go to Facebook and search Carter Sisters Antique Handbook. There's more info about the Price Guide on page 82... plus details on how you can save nearly 30% on the book's cover price.

And speaking of books, on our Books In Review page there's a review on The Limner's Art, which is a fictional tale of some antique dealers in a small English village. When I wrote the review, I still had about 50 pages of the book to go... and I can now report the ending is excellent! I think it might not be since the days of Lovejoy that anyone with an interest in antiques has been able to find a good book that combines a great story with the antiques world, but author Kathy Morgan has done just that. Luckily for us she's writing a series and the second book has just been released.

So keep an eye out for The Limner's Art, which is the first book in the series, and its sequel, The Bronze Lady. They're great reading.

More great reading can be found in the pages of this magazine, of course! We had so much content to fit in that we added an extra eight pages to this Spring issue, making it a bumper 108 pages. We can't promise we'll always be this robust, but for this issue it was well worth it.

And if things keep going the way they are, we'll also have to expand the Fairs and Events page! We've only just managed to squeeze everything onto one page. It's fantastic to see so many antiques and collectables fairs and auctions being held all over the country - more than 60 in the next three months.

So this spring, get out, get amongst it and enjoy the thrill of the buy.

Julie Carter, Editor ACPP