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The Editor's Article

From the Editor

Well I don't mind telling you that Christine and I are really pleased we're going to be back to producing 4 magazines a year! The next issue of Antiques and Collectables for Pleasure & Profit will be released on June 4 (the Winter mag), and after that you can look out for the Spring issue in early September this year and the Summer magazine in early December.

It's no secret that we're in a difficult time for magazines and newspapers. Plenty have folded, and the antiques market isn't immune - in fact the publishers of Collectables Trader have just announced its closure, along with its flagship sister publication World of Antiques & Art. It's somewhat ironic that in the same week that Christine and I announce we're returning to 4 magazines a year, the opposition closes down entirely.

Both the Collectables Trader and our original magazine - The Illustrated Antique Trader - began in the early 1980s. We've been publishing side by side for nearly 30 years and it's a shame to see the Collectables Trader leave the market... but it means we'll be even more determined to produce a brilliant magazine for you!

And actually, we've got some great information from you - our readers - to help us in our quest to continually produce the world's best antiques and collectables magazine. The results of our recent survey of literally hundreds of ACPP readers are being compiled right now, so that we can see just what you love, what you're not bothered about, what you want to see more of and what your favourite subjects are. And then we'll implement all of that information into the magazine over the coming months.

If you weren't part of the survey, feel free to join in - email info@acpp.com.au and we'll send a copy to you.

Julie Carter.